Stories To Success – Key Factors To Achieve Success

In the last part of Stories To Success – Part 2, I spoke about how important it is to “Define Your Why”.

Once you have decided why you are doing something you now have to do it. To wish to do something is not enough, you have to turn you wish into a burning desire.

Only by finding your burning desire you will achieve success.

The difference between a wish and a burning desire is crucial as that obsession with continuous effort and sound planning will achieve your goals.

Many people are wishing to make more money, be happier, be famous and change their lives – but most people never go beyond just wishing for them.

What you may not realize is that all the power to do and achieve whatever it is that you want in your life is already here, inside of you. Just like every idea, invention and product that we will ever make on this planet, is also already here, we just have not had the burning desire or vision to make it yet.

It’s not like it will fly in a ship with new equipment or material to make something – the material is already here and that is how it has always been. 3000 years ago what was needed to create electricity was already here too…

Do you get it? Whatever you want for your future is “already here”. You must only harness the tremendous potential of your mind and to organize the knowledge you already have and leverage the mind of others to get what you want.

There is a proverb, which says:

“If you would plant for days, plant flowers.
If you would plant for years plant trees.
if you would plant for eternity, plant ideas!”

6 Key Factors On How To Achieve Success

Jarl Moe Key To SuccessJarl Moe states: There are six key factors you must have to achieve success in my own experience:

1) Imagination
2) Self-Discipline
3) Self-reliance
4) Personal initiative
5) Enthusiasm
6) Concentrated efforts

I am pretty sure we could come up with a list of 20 things but I feel that the above are the foundation of what you must have because without it you will never get past the first stumbling block that you will face, no matter how good you are.

But there is one more thing you must do when you have what it takes.

You must specialise.

Specialization leads to perfection and your success in life will depend a great deal on your ability to know much about a specific area and to perform exceptionally within it.
General education simply will help you to discover your basic likes and desires but as soon as possible you should acquire specialized knowledge in your major interest.

When you become a specialist on something you are enthusiastic about your enthusiasm will attract other specialists in other areas of business and life that will respect your knowledge and share theirs.

These days anyone can have “some knowledge” about almost anything but people do not wish to meet the person that knows “something” they wish to meet the person that knows “everything” on a product or service that they wish to acquire.
When you know a lot about something, you can share a lot with many. When you share a lot with many, many will listen, when many are listening, many will repeat your story and you will become known in your field and attract respect and financial rewards for your efforts.

In my next chapter I will cover some ideas about how to put it all into action and what skills you must have in addition to your major purpose and specialisation to reach your goals.

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Jarl Moe – Stories to Success Part 2 – Define Your Why

Your progress toward success begins with a fundamental question: Where are you going?
Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point for all achievements and the lack of it the stumbling block for ninety-eight out of one hundred people simply because they never really define their goals and start towards them.

why jarl moeNew brand building and loyalty to brands are more about the WHY than the WHAT.
People want to know why you are doing what you are doing, why have you created this service or this product, why are you wanting me to buy it? and when you have given them the WHY then they will be ready to listen to WHAT it is…

Example one of the great success factors of Apple in the early days was their WHY.
They where doing what they where doing because they wanted to start a fight in the market towards the giants, Apple was the innovative new system. This started a chain of reactions where all the “geeks” loved Apple products because they loved the WHY, they also “hated” Microsoft and they wanted to do something else than whatever everybody else was doing, they wanted to riot in their own geeky way:-)

When you sit down and plan to launch your product or service and know all the details and benefits and how to make it and provide it. Sit down and define your WHY.

Why are you launching this? What is it that you are so passionate about that drove you to put your energy and efforts into getting this into the market?

A friend of mine shared a story the other day about some parents that was upset about crib death in children, they also had friends that had experienced this horrible situation.
They could not find a product that had been created to stop this problem and they found that in Europe it was a small problem but in Africa it was a huge problem.
Their big WHY was that they wanted to stop crib death in the word. Talk about a passionate and big WHY!

After doing research and creating ideas on paper they came up with a special wax that you could form and shape and that would keep heat for many hours. The also managed to find a way to produce it so cheap that people in Africa could afford to buy one for their new borne.

Can you imagine how they felt when they had reached their goal? Also a big WHY will give you energy and drive to reach your goal even when the going gets though. A big WHY will get you there and a big WHY will get you a lot of support from other sources because they see WHY it will be in their interest to help you – to also make them feel good.

A great WHY = A great FEEL GOOD factor too!

So now that the new year is coming up, remember what Jarl Moe told you.
Define your why, and it will define the future of your life.

Good luck!

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Thoughts by Jarl Moe

Jarl Moe quotesI have met a lot of people in my life and I must have built a network of some thousands of friends and business partners across the globe.

After being in International Business, tax planning, offshore banking and venture capital for the last 20 years I have some good experience that I try my best to share with key people that cross my way.

I once heard that you can measure the level of a successful man based on the quality of problems and enemies he has. Example Bill Gates has a lot of enemies and quality problems, I guess most of us could not in any time or space handle what he goes though on a day to day basis.

But I truly believe that verbal communication can be compared to a physical object when it comes to giving, receiving and accepting. Example if you come to me with a physical gift and I chose to not accept it, who does the gift now belong to? If you say something hurtful and I chose to to accept it, who does the words now belong to?

So be careful what you choose to accept in any shape form and know when to be open and when to not accept whatever is coming at you.

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International Business – Gone Bananas?

International Business

The world is forever changing within International Business. To be a successful International Business Man these days you have to be on the ball and make sure you are constantly updated on the details within your segment group. In the “old days” it was very easy to buy and sell goods and services internationally because of lack of travel options and communication lines most business men and women stuck to their home town or country.

These days when you can buy a plane ticket for the price of a cup of coffee or speak over the internet for free with someone on the other side of the planet..anybody can move and penetrate markets easier and faster than ever before.

However, I truly believe that you must have one target, one message and one goal.
The world is to big and now days the competition is fierce, you must focus.

One product and one area of international trade that is truly focused is the Banana Trade.

Did you know that Bananas is the forth most important food staple in the world and its the fifth most traded agricultural commodity after cereals, sugar, coffee and cocoa and it generates billions of dollars per year for the few who focus.

And how many are the main focused companies?

Only 5. And they control about 80% of the world Banana Market, some people would say that it is worse than the drug cartels. Only five companies basically owning the world market for Bananas is completely Bananas if you ask me.

What's your Banana Pitch?

What’s your Banana Pitch?

How in the world did that happen? And how did the world accept it? Is it because nobody really is giving much thought to Bananas? Before I started my investigation Bananas was just some unimportant foods that I see in the supermarket that makes me think about monkeys and my children (behaving the same way most of the time and both get happy when you give them a Banana).

Maybe that is the trick when you are going to do Big International Business, working on a product or service that is so simple that nobody feel you are a threat so everybody let you in the door… I mean, nobody would in an ordinary trade situation fear the Banana Man!

But they do sometimes fear the International Business Man.

When I go to business meetings and need to prepare myself I sometimes think about the Banana Trade and I think about how to make my speech as easy to understand as explaining the benefits of a Banana. “What do you sell? Banananas.”
Keep it simple and short.

I do not go and tell people a long story about International Tax planning what it is and how it works and why they should have it and what steps they have to take to get started at my first visit to a new client.

I simply say: “I help people paying zero tax legally” (that’s what I call the Banana Pitch)

In International Business you should to the same. Find your Banana Pitch.
What you do and what you sell and the benefits of what you sell should be condensed into one short sentence that says it all.

Work on it and I promise you that your International Business and trade will grow in 2014.
And better yet, learn how to say your Banana Pitch in the most common languages that you trade with internationally. If it is Chinese or German or Indian.

Go for it. Go Bananas!

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Google changing the term education

About Google

It’s interesting how internet controls our lives these days. When I was young there was no internet and we did not miss it and today people can’t live without it. If you wish to find stuff on the net Google is the biggest search engine and the term “Google It” has become as normal as “Saying it”. Google has become the instant genie in the bottle for all internet users that wish to know what they need when they need it.

jarl moe henry fordI remember a story about Henry Ford, the inventor of the Ford car, where he was criticized by some reports stating that he was not educated and because he was not educated they considered him stupid. After some harassment Mr. Ford had enough and sued the reporters and they went to court. In the court case the lawyers asked Mr. Ford many questions like, when did world world start and end, how many people died in the war, what is the capital of this and that and what do you call this and that…

Mr. Ford did not know the answers and after not being able to answer about 50 questions he got up from his chair and said “It’s enough!”. He went on stating the following:

“If I wish to answer any of the stupid questions you just asked me but more even importantly the answer to something that I WANT to know, let me tell you that on my desk I have a dashboard with 20 buttons and whenever I need the answer to something I want to know, I press one of the buttons, a person comes in that is the outmost specialist on that field and answer my question!”

This was Henry Fords very own Google.

He Googled it in his own way back in those days and after this speech the term “Being Educated” changed;

From how much education you had to: Your capability and speed to acquire the information you need when you need it!.

These days anyone can do just that, anyone can be educated in this term. Google give you the power to find the information you need when you need it.

jarl moe googleIn fact people can ask you any question in the world and you can be “educated” just by asking Google. The oracle of information giving you instantly thousands of results just by a search term as short as a word or a name or a long sentence.

Many people also don’t know that Google has many other functions than basic search.
Example it is also a calculator. If you put in the search field 2 x 2 Google will tell you that yes it is still 4. And if you are lost and wonder what time it is in any time in the world you simply type “Time in London now” and Google will tell you instantly.

Its probably not long before Google will tell you what you should eat, your weight and read your iris and take your DNA sample. For more tips on how to search in Google check out

However, if you ask me, I still enjoy getting information from an actual person that is real or a book that somebody created a hard copy of, call me old fashion.

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About Copyrights and Offshore taxplanning

The world has changed a lot the passed 10 years and offshore companies and offshore banking has become a natural part of any International Corporation or entrepreneurs strategy to increase profits and leverage international taxation laws to their benefit.

Asset protection using an IBC (International Business Company = Offshore company) is used by many wealthy individuals and companies to ensure that if anything happens to their company or person the assets are still protected in a third party identity.

Jarl Moe, the President of the TaxWizards is assisting people and companies all over the world understanding more how using offshore companies can help you protect your hard assets but also Copyrights.

copyrightimagesCopyrights are of course not hard assets but the right to publish or create a product or service or the use of a brand name. It is very common for articles, books, music and registered brand products. Drawings, buildings, software and oral presentation.s

Example if you create a software product you have three options:

1) You can let the Copyrights of the product be registered in your name.
2) You can register the Copyrights in a company registered in your country you reside
3) You can place the Copyrights in an offshore company

When you choose the last option you will receive any royalties or Copyright fees directly payable to the IBC.

The IBC will both work as a protector for your Copyrights as it is a separate identity of your person and your company and it will give you tax benefits as in most cases all the Copyright fees payable to the IBC are by law tax free.

It is easy to transfer Copyrights from where they are registered now over to the IBC, Jarl Moe explain that they normally would issue a sales contract for the Copyrights or a lease of the Copyright depending on the company size and brand value. By registering the legal contact you can legally transfer the Copyrights. This could be for a certain period of time or it can be indefinite.

Another challenge with Copyrights is that the owner of the rights must protect themselves for infringement or plagiarism of their rights.

Due to the fast growth of the internet one often sees violation and infringement of copyrights daily and once its been copied it is distributed quickly and is hard to find out who started.

Copyright covers the owner for reproduction or distribution but in todays technology world it seem too easy to make a copy of a product in a factory and try to just change minor details to escape the legal rights of the original owner.

There are several companies that can be hired to monitor or help you research if anybody are misusing your rights in any way. Naturally you must consider the cost of such ongoing service or the legal cost when you find the infringement.

At least if you registered your Copyrights using an offshore company and are saving taxes on a daily basis you will have more cash flow to assist you in following up up anybody in breach of your rights. Contact Jarl Moe and his team today to understand more how you can immediately take action to lower your taxes using IBC for your Copyrights.

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