Jarl Moe Bible

You heard about the Bible and there are several so called Business Bible’s out there in the market.

I have my very own Jarl Moe Bible. It’s about believing in setting a certain standard on the things you do in your life and who you are and how you get things done.

My inspiration was my grandmother. I did not have much time in any kinder garden as a young man. My mother was a nurse and worked in the night and my father worked in the North Sea on the oil rigs making our country more money than what they could count.

But me… I was enjoying my time with my “Mommo”. I called her that because in my language the mother or the mother is called Mor Mor but I could not say the R so it ended up with the more simplified version of the word. And after that everybody just called her my new word… all until the end of time.

I lost her… some months ago in an accident. Some idiot drove over in the other lane and drove straight into her in 50 miles an hour! She died some days later and I did not manage to get home…

But, she got my messages from my sister and after she passed and they went through her things they found that in her wallet there was only one picture. A picture of me when I was 6 years old.

After she passed I started to read in the Bible again. The Jarl Moe Bible is not the same as the one you read really… I have my own way of interpreting the words and what they mean. And let me tell you all about it and share a story that I really like in my next post.

Jarl Moe Business Bible


About Jarl Moe

Jarl Moe - I am a world traveller and international businessman... Love to create new business ventures and build international companies... My main business is The Taxwizards http://www.thetaxwizards.com and you can read more about me on my true home page http://www.jarlmoe.com
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