Jarl Moe – Stories To Success Part 9 – Success Seldom Comes Cheap

Anybody that made success and money seldom would tell you “It just happened”.

It requires dedication, focus and a clear vision of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it.

jarl-moe-fetch-by-googleAll that I have spoken to that have climbed the hardship of life to reach their goal will say; You have to stop wishing for it to happen, and simply start making it happen, every day.

The road to achievement start with you writing down what you want to happen and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it. Because believe me, it will come with a price.

Success is truly a worthy goal but it is different from person to person, company to company what defines it.

Extraordinary effort is what you must execute to reach it. It’s effort that most people would not be willing to give. Millions of people are struggling on the low salary that they have and complain about it daily only to find that complaining about the same actions you do of free will not make anything change, only decisions to implement change, get that new knowledge or work will. The limitation is only in your mind.

Some will say that the time for great opportunities are over, everything has been invented, its difficult, competition is hard…

Maybe so, but every year people are having great success and new needs are opening new markets, while there are still old needs not covered in emerging markets.

Whatever it is you need is here now. It is up to you to go for it.

Never walk off your road to success, no matter how long you have already been jumping along it. Stay on it and go straight for what you want. Grab a notepad and have it with you always. Write down new ideas, contacts and thoughts you have along your way that may give you even more ideas on how to get there.

Getting what you want is not easy, it has never been. Trust that you can do it together with a Mastermind Alliance, your own team that is supporting you and giving you leverage of other peoples time, mind and actions.



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