Jarl Moe Aikido – Stories of Success Part 8

In the 6 Keys there should be a 7th Key but I think its more than a Key, its more like a core personality skill. Jarl Moe Aikido is one of my personal skill that has also helped me
with my personality skills. The way of the Samurai.

Jarl Moe aikido

Jarl Moe aikido

I would like to dedicate a whole chapter to this important skill you must have to reach your goals and become the person others will be inspired by.

The skill is called Patience.

You heard about it, you know what it is and sometimes you find yourself being patience but have you ever truly thought about how this skill alone, managed correctly can excel you faster in your life?

In the Bible there is a story about King Salomon, he was the King of Israel and he was the one that has inspired the genie in the bottle stories abound the three choices.
I will share the story about him in a later chapter but for now I would like to tell you this: He was the one that said that there is a time and a place for everything.

King Salomon learned this well and so shall you.

There is a big difference in what we know and what we do. If you exercise patience correctly you will be able to do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it.

When you exercise patience you are talking a pause from everything around you, pictures, sounds, people and the world in general. When I do it I call it going to “My Place”.

When I am in My Place nothing can touch me. It is a place where I can be complete at peace and where knowledge is free flowing. I can relax without being afraid of loosing opportunities or making the wrong choice right there and then.

When I am in My Place I feel the stillness and imagine that I connect to the core of my soul and my ability to build momentum and make the right decisions that will bring me to my destination that I am entitled to.

Many people are afraid of Their Place and the stillness of patience.

Today we are trained to avoid stillness and may believe it is unproductive.

So we do the opposite. We try to build many worlds within our lives.
The private world, the corporate world, the family world, the “pretend all is OK towards others world” and more…
There is little or no time or energy to see the core and the heart of our existence.

To avoid stillness for many a popular solution is to disassociate them selves with food, drugs, alcohol and other compulsive activities. Only bringing us further away from the reality of life and actually making us forget why we are doing what we are doing.

Patience is not about ignoring its about relaxing and settle into the pause of life. About surrender and settle in a relaxed state that will bring you closer to who you truly are and naturalise the energies around you. Managed well you will reset your systems.

When your system enters boil point you need to do something. The most common action is to become angry, say or do things you may regret later. If you can manage to go to Your Place the boil will be allowed to settle and calibrate your systems.

In this state you will be able to see clear again and the world will again make sense and your options on how to react and what to do will clarify. In this state you can make choices from your heart and not from your emotional state.

Jarl Moe can give you a tip on how to enter your state: Create your own trigger. Something you do or something you say or both to enter the state. In my case I put my thump and my middle finger together on both hands and say. Ahh! I close my eyes and imagine the door to my place opening and take a deep breath.

This has saved me from acting in a negative state many times in business and daily with my two small children.

Imagine that Your Place is the control tower of a highway. Most people will only go up and down the highway and take the same turn every time back to wherever they where before

But you that now sit in the control tower will know all the side roads and short cuts and your options are abundant. By entering Your Place you can see all the options.
Take your time and look at the highway of life and imagine all the choices you have set out before you.

Decide to create your “state” trigger today and unlock the potential of Your Place.


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