Stories To Success – Key Factors To Achieve Success

In the last part of Stories To Success – Part 2, I spoke about how important it is to “Define Your Why”.

Once you have decided why you are doing something you now have to do it. To wish to do something is not enough, you have to turn you wish into a burning desire.

Only by finding your burning desire you will achieve success.

The difference between a wish and a burning desire is crucial as that obsession with continuous effort and sound planning will achieve your goals.

Many people are wishing to make more money, be happier, be famous and change their lives – but most people never go beyond just wishing for them.

What you may not realize is that all the power to do and achieve whatever it is that you want in your life is already here, inside of you. Just like every idea, invention and product that we will ever make on this planet, is also already here, we just have not had the burning desire or vision to make it yet.

It’s not like it will fly in a ship with new equipment or material to make something – the material is already here and that is how it has always been. 3000 years ago what was needed to create electricity was already here too…

Do you get it? Whatever you want for your future is “already here”. You must only harness the tremendous potential of your mind and to organize the knowledge you already have and leverage the mind of others to get what you want.

There is a proverb, which says:

“If you would plant for days, plant flowers.
If you would plant for years plant trees.
if you would plant for eternity, plant ideas!”

6 Key Factors On How To Achieve Success

Jarl Moe Key To SuccessJarl Moe states: There are six key factors you must have to achieve success in my own experience:

1) Imagination
2) Self-Discipline
3) Self-reliance
4) Personal initiative
5) Enthusiasm
6) Concentrated efforts

I am pretty sure we could come up with a list of 20 things but I feel that the above are the foundation of what you must have because without it you will never get past the first stumbling block that you will face, no matter how good you are.

But there is one more thing you must do when you have what it takes.

You must specialise.

Specialization leads to perfection and your success in life will depend a great deal on your ability to know much about a specific area and to perform exceptionally within it.
General education simply will help you to discover your basic likes and desires but as soon as possible you should acquire specialized knowledge in your major interest.

When you become a specialist on something you are enthusiastic about your enthusiasm will attract other specialists in other areas of business and life that will respect your knowledge and share theirs.

These days anyone can have “some knowledge” about almost anything but people do not wish to meet the person that knows “something” they wish to meet the person that knows “everything” on a product or service that they wish to acquire.
When you know a lot about something, you can share a lot with many. When you share a lot with many, many will listen, when many are listening, many will repeat your story and you will become known in your field and attract respect and financial rewards for your efforts.

In my next chapter I will cover some ideas about how to put it all into action and what skills you must have in addition to your major purpose and specialisation to reach your goals.


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