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Jarl Moe believes in the power of a Mastermind Group. It is a matter of general information that Mr. Portage, Mr. Edison and Mr. Firestone are close individual companions, and have been so for a long time; that in previous years they were in the propensity for leaving to the forested areas once per year for a time of rest, reflection and recovery.

However, it is not for the most part known-it is a grave uncertainty if these three men themselves know it-that there exists between the three men an obligation of concordance which has brought about their psyches to end up mixed into a “Driving force” which is the genuine wellspring of the force of each. This mass personality, becoming out of the co-appointment of the individual personalities of Ford, Edison and Firestone, has empowered these men to “tune in” on powers (and wellsprings of learning) with which most men are to no degree commonplace.

In the event that the understudy questions either the guideline or the impacts here portrayed, let him recall that more than a large portion of the hypothesis here put forward is a known reality. For instance, it is realized that these three men have extraordinary force. It is realized that they are affluent. It is realized that they started without capital and with yet small tutoring. It is realized that they frame intermittent personality contacts. It is realized that they are amicable and well disposed. It is realized that their accomplishments are so extraordinary as to make it difficult to contrast these accomplishments and those of other men in their particular fields of movement.

All these “impacts” are known not each school-kid in the humanized world, along these lines there can be no question similarly as impacts are concerned according to Jarl Moe.

Of one reality associated with the reason for the accomplishments of Edison, Ford and Firestone we perhaps beyond any doubt, in particular, that these accomplishments were not the slightest bit based upon dishonesty, duplicity, the “extraordinary” or alleged “disclosures” or whatever other type of unnatural law. These men don’t have a supply of legerdemain. They work with common laws; laws which, generally, are understood to all financial analysts and pioneers in the field of science, with the conceivable special case of the law whereupon science of the brain is based. So far science of the psyche is not adequately created to be classed, by investigative men, in their index of known laws.

A “Brains” might be made by any gathering of individuals who will co-ordinate their psyches, in a soul of flawless amicability. The gathering may comprise of any number from two upward. Best results seem accessible from the mixing of six or seven personalities.

It has been proposed that Jesus Christ found how to make utilization of the rule of brain science, and that His apparently marvelous exhibitions became out of the force He created through the mixing of the psyches of His twelve followers. It has been called attention to that when one of the pupils (Judas Iscariot) broke confidence the “Driving force” promptly crumbled and Jesus met with the preeminent calamity of His life.

Whenever two or more individuals fit their psyches and produce the impact known as a “Genius,” every individual in the gathering gets to be vested with the ability to contact with and assemble information through the “inner mind” brains of the various individuals from the gathering. This force turns out to be quickly recognizable, having the impact of invigorating the brain to a higher rate of vibration, and generally proving itself as a more distinctive creative energy and the awareness of what seems, by all accounts, to be an intuition. It is through this intuition that new thoughts will “streak” into the brain. These thoughts interpretation of the nature and type of the subject overwhelming the brain of the person. On the off chance that the whole gathering has met with the end goal of talking about a given subject, thoughts worried that subject will come filling the psyches of all present, as though an outside impact were directing them. The brains of those taking an interest in the “Genius” get to be as magnets, drawing in thoughts and thought jolts about the most profoundly composed and viable nature, from nobody knows where! Laughs Jarl Moe.

The procedure of psyche mixing here depicted as a “Genius” might be compared to the demonstration of one who associates numerous electric batteries to a solitary transmission wire, in this way “venturing up” the force streaming over that line. Every battery included expansions the force disregarding that line by the measure of vitality the battery conveys. Only so on account of mixing individual personalities into a “Driving force.” Each psyche, through the rule of brain science, empowers the various personalities in the gathering, until the psyche vitality hence turns out to be great to the point that it enters to and interfaces with the widespread vitality known as ether, which, thusly, touches each iota of the whole universe.

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Jarl Moe on Entrepreneurship

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 21.10.43I can’t believe how fast time is going. It seems like only yesterday my daughter was borne and I just spoke to her and she is already 17 years old and speaking about her studies in USA. Life for sure just goes faster and faster as we grow older and it is critical to grab the opportunities in our lives before it’s “too late”. If you ask people for sure they will tell you that Jarl Moe is a true entrepreneur.

I have actually never worked for anybody in my adult life.

From the early beginnings i was sweeping streets outside Grand Hotel in Norway and slowly building ideas and contacts to get into the world of entrepreneurs.

One of the most important lessons I can tell you is to read a lot. While others are playing on their phones, you should be playing with a book and filling that head of yours with new information. You see, not all information is on the internet or on Google:-) Life is more than Facebook and Twitter and all that crap that we now fill our days with.

The content of a new book is not online because it simply is just there… in the book.
The information is for your eyes only, you can’t Google it!

So go to the store this week and grab a personal development book that make your head think and work with new data.
Imagine your head like a Facebook account. If it does not have daily streams of useful information it will be a very boring Facebook account, kinda like a Scrapbook account.

You have to fill it with new info and data to make it updated, if not its just not showing your life is it? The same goes for your brain! You have to fill it with useful streams of data to make it work.

Here is the challenge: 80% of all the info and data you get if you don’t control it is simply useless crappy data. You have to control the stream.
The best way to do that is to sit alone and look into the stream of a good book.

People call Jarl Moe the Taxwizard and let me tell you why.

It for sure did not come from me searching the internet for tax advice. It came from pure mentoring from one of the best corporate offshore tax lawyers in the world.

You see, that’s the other way to get new streams of data, mentoring.

What do you want to know more about? What do you want to be best at?

Find the person that is best and that know all you wish you knew and invite them for dinner.

You will be amazed how many specialists within a field that will say yes to a cup of coffee or a meal to share knowledge with you… if you ask in a nice way that is… (nobody like a stalker)

That’s it.

My Advice to you, straight from the book of Jarl Moe that I hope I will get time to write soon.


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Finally a good scuba day! #jarlmoe http:

Finally a good scuba day! #jarlmoe http://ow.ly/i/jaHvX

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Jarl Moe Bible

You heard about the Bible and there are several so called Business Bible’s out there in the market.

I have my very own Jarl Moe Bible. It’s about believing in setting a certain standard on the things you do in your life and who you are and how you get things done.

My inspiration was my grandmother. I did not have much time in any kinder garden as a young man. My mother was a nurse and worked in the night and my father worked in the North Sea on the oil rigs making our country more money than what they could count.

But me… I was enjoying my time with my “Mommo”. I called her that because in my language the mother or the mother is called Mor Mor but I could not say the R so it ended up with the more simplified version of the word. And after that everybody just called her my new word… all until the end of time.

I lost her… some months ago in an accident. Some idiot drove over in the other lane and drove straight into her in 50 miles an hour! She died some days later and I did not manage to get home…

But, she got my messages from my sister and after she passed and they went through her things they found that in her wallet there was only one picture. A picture of me when I was 6 years old.

After she passed I started to read in the Bible again. The Jarl Moe Bible is not the same as the one you read really… I have my own way of interpreting the words and what they mean. And let me tell you all about it and share a story that I really like in my next post.

Jarl Moe Business Bible

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Jarl Moe – Stories To Success Part 9 – Success Seldom Comes Cheap

Anybody that made success and money seldom would tell you “It just happened”.

It requires dedication, focus and a clear vision of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it.

jarl-moe-fetch-by-googleAll that I have spoken to that have climbed the hardship of life to reach their goal will say; You have to stop wishing for it to happen, and simply start making it happen, every day.

The road to achievement start with you writing down what you want to happen and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it. Because believe me, it will come with a price.

Success is truly a worthy goal but it is different from person to person, company to company what defines it.

Extraordinary effort is what you must execute to reach it. It’s effort that most people would not be willing to give. Millions of people are struggling on the low salary that they have and complain about it daily only to find that complaining about the same actions you do of free will not make anything change, only decisions to implement change, get that new knowledge or work will. The limitation is only in your mind.

Some will say that the time for great opportunities are over, everything has been invented, its difficult, competition is hard…

Maybe so, but every year people are having great success and new needs are opening new markets, while there are still old needs not covered in emerging markets.

Whatever it is you need is here now. It is up to you to go for it.

Never walk off your road to success, no matter how long you have already been jumping along it. Stay on it and go straight for what you want. Grab a notepad and have it with you always. Write down new ideas, contacts and thoughts you have along your way that may give you even more ideas on how to get there.

Getting what you want is not easy, it has never been. Trust that you can do it together with a Mastermind Alliance, your own team that is supporting you and giving you leverage of other peoples time, mind and actions.


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Jarl Moe Aikido – Stories of Success Part 8

In the 6 Keys there should be a 7th Key but I think its more than a Key, its more like a core personality skill. Jarl Moe Aikido is one of my personal skill that has also helped me
with my personality skills. The way of the Samurai.

Jarl Moe aikido

Jarl Moe aikido

I would like to dedicate a whole chapter to this important skill you must have to reach your goals and become the person others will be inspired by.

The skill is called Patience.

You heard about it, you know what it is and sometimes you find yourself being patience but have you ever truly thought about how this skill alone, managed correctly can excel you faster in your life?

In the Bible there is a story about King Salomon, he was the King of Israel and he was the one that has inspired the genie in the bottle stories abound the three choices.
I will share the story about him in a later chapter but for now I would like to tell you this: He was the one that said that there is a time and a place for everything.

King Salomon learned this well and so shall you.

There is a big difference in what we know and what we do. If you exercise patience correctly you will be able to do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it.

When you exercise patience you are talking a pause from everything around you, pictures, sounds, people and the world in general. When I do it I call it going to “My Place”.

When I am in My Place nothing can touch me. It is a place where I can be complete at peace and where knowledge is free flowing. I can relax without being afraid of loosing opportunities or making the wrong choice right there and then.

When I am in My Place I feel the stillness and imagine that I connect to the core of my soul and my ability to build momentum and make the right decisions that will bring me to my destination that I am entitled to.

Many people are afraid of Their Place and the stillness of patience.

Today we are trained to avoid stillness and may believe it is unproductive.

So we do the opposite. We try to build many worlds within our lives.
The private world, the corporate world, the family world, the “pretend all is OK towards others world” and more…
There is little or no time or energy to see the core and the heart of our existence.

To avoid stillness for many a popular solution is to disassociate them selves with food, drugs, alcohol and other compulsive activities. Only bringing us further away from the reality of life and actually making us forget why we are doing what we are doing.

Patience is not about ignoring its about relaxing and settle into the pause of life. About surrender and settle in a relaxed state that will bring you closer to who you truly are and naturalise the energies around you. Managed well you will reset your systems.

When your system enters boil point you need to do something. The most common action is to become angry, say or do things you may regret later. If you can manage to go to Your Place the boil will be allowed to settle and calibrate your systems.

In this state you will be able to see clear again and the world will again make sense and your options on how to react and what to do will clarify. In this state you can make choices from your heart and not from your emotional state.

Jarl Moe can give you a tip on how to enter your state: Create your own trigger. Something you do or something you say or both to enter the state. In my case I put my thump and my middle finger together on both hands and say. Ahh! I close my eyes and imagine the door to my place opening and take a deep breath.

This has saved me from acting in a negative state many times in business and daily with my two small children.

Imagine that Your Place is the control tower of a highway. Most people will only go up and down the highway and take the same turn every time back to wherever they where before

But you that now sit in the control tower will know all the side roads and short cuts and your options are abundant. By entering Your Place you can see all the options.
Take your time and look at the highway of life and imagine all the choices you have set out before you.

Decide to create your “state” trigger today and unlock the potential of Your Place.

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Jarl Moe Story of Success Part 5

In Part 4 we covered the first two of 6 Key Factors you must manage to control your destiny.

  1. Time Management And Budget
  2.  Be Alert To Opportunity

In this chapter we will cover the next 2 Keys.

3.   Decision Making
4.   Cooperation And Team

5.   Faith In Your Goals
6.   Success Consciousness

jarl moe decision-making21Decision Making:
To get anywhere in life you must make decisions, mostly every day. One of the skills successful and dynamic people have in common is the capability to make decisions quickly and firmly. Stand your ground for whatever it is that you decide and don’t break away. Naturally you must not make that firm decision before all facts are available to you in the first place. 

Unsuccessful people do the opposite, they make decisions slowly and they change their mind all the time. One of the reasons why they still are unsuccessful is that they have not made up their mind about their purpose in life and stuck to it, or even worse they have not made any decisions at all. Avoiding decisions is one of the biggest mistakes you can do in your life, when you do not know what to decide, just decide anything and move on. Any decision is better than none. It takes courage to make one and to change it and make another one. Be courageous! 

When you are really confused you can of course make the decision to find out more about a,b and c within the next 24 hours and then make your decision…

Cooperation and Team
To reach your target and goals in life you can’t do it alone. If you think you can you are wrong. You must build a team of people who have skills, network, knowledge and flexibility that you don’t have. And for every full time partner or employee you multiply your time efforts. The more people that work efficiently with a clear purpose on your goal every day, the faster you will reach it.

Jarl Moe Blue TeamWho is the one that leads the team or the company? Nobody will follow and indecisive person right? So it must be the one that are able to make the decisions. Now that we agree on this fact we can also assume that people will follow the leader with a clear major purpose. People will follow you on your journey when it is clear and they will be inspired by your major purpose and offer their cooperation. 

Jarl Moe has a clear opinion on this matter: When you are a person that people wish to follow and you attract partners and friends by your own positive mental attitude this will further fuel your energy. Feeling attractive will fuel you and that people want to listen to you, want to work with you, want to ask for your help. Helping others will flow seamlessly because you feel energized by your “popularity”.

You can never get there without deciding that you: 

  1. Will have a major purpose
  2. Will mange your time and be alert to opportunities 
  3. Make firm decisions when the facts are available to you (and don’t be afraid later to change yor mind if new facts appear)
  4. Decide you will be the person people wish to follow

Maybe you just read the article and told yourself, what’s so special about this information? I already know what Jarl Moe is saying. Well…why are you not doing it?

Start today to be the person people wish to follow and help, because without it you may get lost on your journey.

Good luck!

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